Techwear is clothing for everyday life with special fabric, construction and properties that allow for breathability, movement, water-resistance and comfort. It's a new black punk fashion styled clothing, Pants with chains and multiple pockets, Tactical jackets with zippers and multiple pockets and all kinds of gadgets.


The Techwear pants can have multiple pockets and zippers and chains, there are lots of different kinds of Techwear pants. If you were looking for Techwear pants you came to the right place. At the Ha3xun Techwear store we have Techwear joggers and Cargo's, they can be tactical and have a special multi pockets design, some of them also have ankle zip cuffs. As example the pants of Scarlxrd those are Techwear cargo's, He loves wearing them with chains and buckle attachments. You can get your Techwear pants on our store and get free worldwide shipping! Shop them HERE!



Techwear vests are tactical black vests with multiple pockets and zippers, some of the are real tactical bullet proof vests and some of them are just normal black vests, they are adjustable, water resistant, breathable and comfortable. There are lots of kinds of Techwear vests, we offer a wide variety of Techwear vests. Shop them HERE

Picture by Luna, Check her out on Instagram for more sick Techwear pictures Check her HERE!


Techwear jackets can have different kinds of materials and special fabrics, Buckles, Multiple pockets, Removable hoods, Straps and all kinds of add ons, they can come in black or dark colors and camouflage designs.


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